Clusters takes advantage of the file compression technology built into Mac OS X to help you regain space, keep your system tidy and launch your files faster. Clusters is a background and transparent file compressor: Mac OS and your apps will use compressed files without having to expand them first - they will just take less disk space and load faster.

How does it work? Just select some folders to compress and Clusters will silently work in the background, using your system spare resources to increase free space and make file access faster. Clusters will watch for changes in the folders you configure: for example, set Clusters to work on your Applications folder to automatically compress any new apps you install, thus having them launch faster.

Grab Clusters now and see for yourself. The demo version will allow you to gain up to 50MB of space.

    • Silent, works like magic. Download, install and forget about it. No need to expand files before use.
    • Unobtrusive, uses spare resources. You always have your machine available when necessary.
    • Save space, no catch - Clusters compresses, Mac OS reads files as always.
    • Designed for reliability - Clusters detects appropriate file systems to compress and ignores sensitive system files.
    • Configurable for your safety: ignore sensitive folders or extensions using your personal exclusion list.
    • Increase performance and reduce launch time: your system loads compressed files and applications faster.
    • See results: use the menu item, or check on the preference pane - you will always know how much Clusters has saved.
    • Total control - pause Clusters when you need all your Mac resources.
    • Compress everything, or just a bit - select the folders you want.
    • Built-in uncompressor. Drop your folders on the uncompression area and Clusters will expand them for you.
Version 1.7.2 - Oct 2013
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"Clusters is the best file compressor I have ever used for my Mac."

iusethis user

"Clusters is awesome."

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